The Stand Up Warrior in Camo jig comes in 3/16 oz. 3/0 hook, 1/4 oz. 4/0 hook, 3/8 oz 4/0 hook, and 1/2 oz 5/0 hook. A Warrior is a shaky head lead jig with a coil spring embedded "keeper" to securely hold your favorite soft plastic lure and a Black Nickel Mustard Extra Wide Gap hook. The Stand Up Warrior holds true to its name. It stands straight up! Team up this jig with a DC Super Razor Beetle, 10” DC Paddletail Worm, Stump Thumper, or any of the Deep Creek products and it’s ready to deploy. The bass will attack and the Warrior is standing up and ready for the fight!

Quantity in Package: 3 or 4 See Below