The DC Slimshad is a twitch bait that works best when double or multi-rigged for schooling fish, or single rigged around bushes, grass and other thick cover. Bass will actually leave their cover to “eat” this bait! The floating DC Slimshad is a real swimmer and it works unbelievably well for schooling fish. The DC Slimshad’s split tail produces a distinctive high-action flutter when twitched slightly, drawing the attention of those clunker fish. The DC Slimshad has been used very successfully in catching those shy unimpressed hard to catch fish. This bait works well as a search tool when you are trying to locate schools of fish or those lunkers. Whether you are fishing the DC Slimshad just under the surface or as a weighted swimbait down deep in the water column, you will be amazed at the appearance and presentation delivered from the floating DC Slimshad. The DC Slimshad works extremely well when Alabama rigged. Made exclusively from our special virgin plastics the floating DC Slimshad has been infused with our exclusive Deep Creek Lures’ total fish attractant, the most effective scent on the market! The DC Slimshad comes in a wide variety of natural and bright colors, color patterns and multi-colors.

Quantity in Package: 10