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The Wobblehead is a game changer. And a lot of fun to fish at that. Not many 3/8 oz jig heads can be used for top-water, but the Wobblehead Sr. does just that. Add a straight tail worm, such as the 9" SLick Tail Lizard, or the 8" Forktail Finesse Worm, and this rig turns into a snake weaving across the surface. Or slow it down and it is a dead imitation of a snake swimming through the water column. For a smaller presentation or use with spinning tackle, try the Wobblehead Jr. paired up with a 6" MT Worm, a 6.5" Magic Finesse Worm, or a 6" Forktail Finesse Worm. You Wont be disappointed.

Wobblehead Sr.  4 pack 3" long 3/8 oz 

Wobblehead Jr.  4 pack 2" long 1/8 oz


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