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One of the hottest frog lures on the market! The DC Toadrunner is quickly changing the reputation and status of frog fishing and is a must have lure for the serious angler. The DC Toadrunner looks just like a real frog in the water. It has curled legs with a water-displacing ridge and when used with a slow retrieve both legs “spit water up” just like a little buzz bait. It has all of the style and fish-catching ability that you could ask for, plus several awesome colors to pick from! Our DC Floating Toadrunner increases your strike percentages and is your ticket to a winning bag! It comes through standing and matted grass with ease. It really draws the bigger fish from beneath heavy cover. Like all of our Deep Creek Lures, the DC Floating Toadrunner is made from our exclusive virgin plastics. If you like fishing with frog lures, you are going to love the Toadrunner!!!

Quantity in Package: 6


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