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For over a decade, the Super Razor Beetle™ and Jr. Super Razor Beetle™ have been one of the most versatile creature baits on the market. It’s symmetrical shape allows it to closely mimic all kinds of forage from crawfish, to frogs, and also small baitfish, depending on how you rig it. One of the most highly effective but hard to find setups is now available and ready to tie on. The Super Razor Beetle™ Wobbler is a pre-rigged Super Razor Beetle on our Creek Wobbler. The Creek Wobbler is a scrounger type rig but better. Featuring a powder coated head, razor sharp Mustad hook, and environmentally conscious high density polyethylene (HDPE) bill, this rig gives you tournament grade performance that can’t be matched. The side to side movement of the Creek Wobbler head resonates through the body and provides a swimming action in the thinner tail section to imitate a small prey baitfish.

Jr. Super Razor Beetle (1/4oz-3/0)

Super Razor Beete (3/8 oz.-6/0)

Super Razor Beetle Wobbler

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