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Deep Creek Lures offers the ultimate floating worm, our 5" & 6.5" Magic Finesse Worm! Our floating Magic Finesse Worm is the perfect pick for wacky, shaky or finesse fishing in areas where vegetation and other structures provide cover for large bass that are hanging around just waiting to be caught. The floating Magic Finesse Worms wiggle, shake and move with just the slightest twitch of the rod tip. When fishing any of these effective techniques, the Magic Finesse Worm will provoke and bring on aggressive and vicious strikes from post spawn bass or those lunkers that are suspended in brush and other types of cover. Made exclusively from our special virgin plastics the floating Magic Finesse Worm series has been infused with the exclusive Deep Creek Lures’ total fish attractant, the most effective scent on the market! The Magic Finesse Worm has a flat bottom and a slightly stockier flat tipped head which allows you to quickly rig this bait right out of the package. The Deep Creek Lures’ floating Magic Finesse Worm also has the egg sack near the middle of the worm, so it can be safely hooked in the body, wacky style! Fish them rigged 'straight' or Texas rigged, with or without weight, or Carolina rigged. Any way you fish them, you're sure to be satisfied with the performance of Deep Creek Lures’ exclusive floating Magic Finesse Worm.

6.5" (8ct)

6.5" (1 lb. roughly 60 worms)

5" (12 ct)

Magic Finesse Worm(Laminates/Swirls)

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