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The long “curly ribbon like tail” on the 8" & 10" Floating Henry Worm is more than two thirds of the length of the entire worm. As the Floating Henry Worm is being pulled through the water, the worm appears to be swimming. Our unique curly tail design produces a very effective and vigorous motion, moving water, but it does not twist the angler’s line. This is a must have worm in your big bass arsenal, especially in the summer when snakes are out and about. This worm can easily mimic a “small snake on the move”. The Floating Henry Worm has been used by many pros and semi-pros to fish grass, lily pads, cat tails, and many other aquatic vegetation areas, either with or without weights. The action produced by this worm is unbelievable. The tail is long and thin making it move more water. The Floating Henry Worm is an excellent bait for all presentations and times when Texas rigged, or Carolina rigged techniques are needed.

8" (8ct)

10" (6 ct)

Henry Worm (8" & 10")

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