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BTC Squarebill 50

BTC Squarebill 60

2 in

2.36 in

1/3 oz.

1/2 oz.

2-4 ft

4-6 ft




Finely tuned by Tour Pro Bryan Thrift, the BTC 60 was designed to target the 4 – 6 ft water column and to be cranked at a fast retrieve.

Built to thump hard and have a fast high float like balsa, the BTC 60 is best suitable for areas such as laydowns, trees, rocky areas and especially summer grass line areas.

Equipped with a #2 Viper treble hook and new realistic paint schemes, the BTC 60 will help you cover water and get you key bites.

The Damiki BTC 50 Squarebill Crankbait was designed to target the 2-4 foot section of the water column at high speeds so that anglers can quickly cover vast amounts of water. Built with a wide body for increased buoyancy, the Damiki BTC 50 Squarebill Crankbait provides a hard thumping action and a fast float similar to a balsa crankbait, which is ideal for cranking over laydown trees, rocks, stumps, and ripping through grass lines. The 50 size is also completely silent and features a more compact profile to help trigger more bites from highly pressured fish and to give tournament anglers an advantage when fishing behind other competitors.

Building off of its strike-inducing action, the Damiki BTC "Bryan Thrift Crank" 50 Squarebill Crankbait also features lifelike details such as large 3D eyes, gill plates, and checkered scales that will help it fool any overly discerning predator. It is also equipped with two Damiki Viper treble hooks that deliver lightning fast hook sets for an increased fish-landing ratio. Encased in carefully selected colorways that Bryan Thrift has proven productive at the highest levels of competition, the Damiki BTC 50 Squarebill Crankbait is a showstopper in shallow terrain. 

Damiki Bryan Thrift BTC Squarebill

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