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If you ever fish with our DC 6” MT Worm or our DC 9” Floating Big MT Worm, you will understand why they are Deep Creek Lures’ number one and number two selling worms. The floating MT Worm series has an incredible action, but more important than movement, they catch fish!!!!! When the floating DC 9” Floating Big MT Worm (our number one selling worm) is hopped off the bottom, the entire body of the worm reacts with a wavy, snake like motion. This straight-tail worm is a great choice for bass in an unreceptive mood. The DC 9” Floating Big MT Worm works well with either vertical or horizontal presentations. Regardless as to how you prefer to rig the floating DC MT Worm series, they perform like no other worm. Made exclusively from our special virgin plastics the floating DC MT Worm series has been infused with the exclusive Deep Creek Lures’ total fish attractant, the most effective scent on the market! Just like the floating DC 6” MT Worm our DC 9” Floating Big MT Worm also comes in a wide selection of colors.

Quantity in Package: 6

9" MT Worm

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