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One of Deep Creek Lures' most popular worms! If you ever fish with one of our DC MT Worms, you will understand why they are Deep Creek Lures’ number one and number two selling worms. The floating DC 6” MT Worm has an incredible action, but more important than movement, it catches fish!!!!! Work the DC 6” MT Worm slowly on hot sunny days or even in cold weather! Fish have been caught in the cold days of January with the floating DC 6” MT Worm. The slightest movement causes an enticing twitch of the tail, driving fish senseless and over the edge. Fish the floating DC 6” MT Worm to catch fish suspended in grass, brush and other heavy cover. Regardless of how you prefer to fish our DC 6” MT Worm, Texas rigged, weightless, Carolina rigged, or on a wacky head, the DC 6” MT Worm produces live looking action and movement, generating violent and aggressive strikes as the DC 6” MT Worm slithers in front of those nasty tempered bass. Straight-talking and to the point, the DC 6” MT Worm simply works! Deep or shallow, this is an awesome worm with an incredible movement that produces mind-boggling results! Our floating DC 6” MT Worm comes in a wide selection of excellent colors.

Quantity in Package: 10

1 lb bag (roughly 80 worms)

6" MT Worm

Sales Tax Included
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