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Deep Creek Lures 5” Sink ‘N Catch Worms have just enough salt mixed in with the plastic making the worm sink slow enough for the bass to see them coming and become very annoyed and impatient. Our DC 5” Sink ‘N Catch worms sink horizontally with the two ends fluttering up and down, as it sinks. This slow wobbling action makes the DC 5” Sink ‘N Catch worm appear to be more life-like than any other similar looking, heavier salt impregnated worm that you can find on the market today! Fish most often grab and gulp down the DC 5” Catch 'N Sink worms while they are still on their way down. Our 5” Sink ‘N Catch impregnated with salt and infused with the exclusive Deep Creek Lures’ total fish attractant, the most effective scent on the market.

Quantity in Package: 8

1 lb bag (roughly 50 worms)

5" Sink n Catch (Swirls)

Sales Tax Included
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