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Can’t wait to place my next order

Our new B8fish is a good one. It'll be released later this summer. I also like that one Berkley makes.


What's you best deep creek lure for smallies.

Burke’s baits custom jig (black widow) with a South African special super razor beetle. Match the hatch wherever you are and they will eat it.

Awesome looking product and great job.

Products are great and I push them on everybody!

Jun 26

Can’t wait to get my give away package from you guys Josh. Hope you’re well brother. If y’all have room in the DCL family this coming year I’d love to be a member.

Jun 26

Hands down the best soft plastics and even better customer service. Cant wait to see what the year brings for you guys, you have a customer for life.

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  • For me it was a couple years ago at the bass and salt water fishing expo in Raleigh. Buster Seabolt did a presentation and made some very valid points. I went home and experimented a bit with my soft bait collection and realized that the few floating plastics I had always did more than just sink to the bottom and sit there. They flutter with action no matter what. We noticed you can always tell when there is a Deep Creek tied on because of the scent. We've been using them a lot since, and I even made the trip to the factory once.
  • I was introduced by a friend to this company due to the flutter worm and wow was I amazed when I visited the selection and quality of Deep Creek Lures. I have placed my first order and I cannot wait to try out more Deep creek Lures.
  • I love the power shad baits that I bought from here. The new penny color way is so unique and the scent is STRONG. They always catch me a few when I go out with them.
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