Jun 26

Falls Lake struggle


Anyone fish at Falls lake? I just bass fish for fun, catch and release. This year I've not been able to get a single fish in to the boat. I see the tournaments on facebook and they are bringing in some big fish. Can I get a bump in the right direction for finding some of these fish? Even my PB spot has been overrun and although it was always empty before and hard to get to, now there is always someone there, if not several people!

I live close to the lake, not fished it at all this year due to life happens....but this time of year find river channels, look for sharp bends or where 2 creek channels come together on your map. Throw a big ole DC worm this time of year texas rigged. Time and patience.

I appreciate the heads up. I haven't had the opportunity to try that yet. I have the garmin High definition maps to help me locate those channels and bends.

I've spent a great deal of time with new electronics this year. I find myself playing with them more than fishing. I started off with a new fishfinder, a garmin echomap 93sv. The results are better than what I'd been using but still lacking. I moved on to add the livescope. I thought it would be great, but find that most often we catch fish leaving the area when we move in.... It works well but only "close up". If I was a crappie fisherman, I'd be absolutely killing it. So once again, I upgraded to the ultra high definition sonar. This is finally producing images I find useful. I can side scan a large area and literally see if there are fish there or not, then get up close with the livescope.


An interesting thing I discovered is that there is a fish attractor buoy that I've never had success at. We found that the buoy is about 100 yards away from the old tires I suppose they put there as the attractor.



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