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  • For me it was a couple years ago at the bass and salt water fishing expo in Raleigh. Buster Seabolt did a presentation and made some very valid points. I went home and experimented a bit with my soft bait collection and realized that the few floating plastics I had always did more than just sink to the bottom and sit there. They flutter with action no matter what. We noticed you can always tell when there is a Deep Creek tied on because of the scent. We've been using them a lot since, and I even made the trip to the factory once.
  • I was introduced by a friend to this company due to the flutter worm and wow was I amazed when I visited the selection and quality of Deep Creek Lures. I have placed my first order and I cannot wait to try out more Deep creek Lures.
  • I love the power shad baits that I bought from here. The new penny color way is so unique and the scent is STRONG. They always catch me a few when I go out with them.
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