Every serious angler knows that bass hate lizards in the springtime, and if you want really big bass, check out Deep Creek Lures’ most popular Floating Lizard. Our 6 incher, features live swimming actions like you have never seen before! But be careful using this DC 6” Floating Lizard, you may forget that it is not alive! Our DC 6” Floating Lizard is made with our special virgin plastics, infused with the exclusive Deep Creek Lures’ total fish attractant, the most effective scent on the market! This makes these DC 6” Floating Lizards seem to come alive on the water. A must for the serious angler, our 6” Floating Lizard will drive those keeper bass mad during springtime fishing. You will pull those clunker bass from weeds, brush piles, under docks, stumps, rocks, heavy cover or anywhere else you fish it. DC 6” Floating Lizards can be fished Carolina style, Texas style or on a Shakey Head® or Bass jig. Our DC 6” Floating Lizard will also catch bass weightless while being worked over grass or slowly retrieved just under the water’s surface.

Quantity in Package: 10