Deep Creek Lures 4” Sink ‘n Catch Worms are identical to their big brother the DC 5” Sink ‘n Catch worm. Just like with their bigger brother, the slow wobbling action of this DC 4” Sink ‘n Catch worm appears to be more life-like than any other similar style, heavier salt impregnated worm that you can find on the market today! Like its big brother, the DC 4” Sink ‘n Catch is impregnated with just the right amount of salt and infused with the exclusive Deep Creek Lures’ total fish attractant, the most effective scent on the market, This worm works extremely well in rivers, creeks and moving water conditions. It becomes too overpowering and irresistible for those finicky fish, producing large sacks at weigh-ins!

Quantity in Package: 10