Deep Creek Lures’ floating Grub is a soft curly-tail 4” grub type bait, that works extremely well for many different species of fish, water conditions, presentations, and fishing methods. The Grub has been used very successfully in most fresh and salt waters including lakes, creeks, rivers, sounds, bays and other water type settings. When the Grub is used as a grub or trailer, it produces excellent results. Our Deep Creek Lures’ floating Grub is made with our special virgin plastic which makes it extra tough, so they will work great in all types of freshwater applications. It is also infused with the exclusive Deep Creek Lures’ total fish attractant, the most effective scent on the market! The Grub comes in a wide variety of natural and bright colors, color patterns and multi-colors. The most common way to fish a Grub is with a jig head. It can also be fished with a bucktail or as a jig trailer. You will not find a better curly-tail grub than the Grub anywhere! Thousands of anglers’ have used these 4” inch Grub every year for bass, crappie and sunfish and have had great results.

Quantity in Package: 10