This is one of the most multipurpose baits in our line. The Deep Creek Lures’ floating 3" River Shad is a bulked up type bait which can be easily cast without additional weight being added. The 3" River Shad has a boot type tail, which when retrieved produces a jerking action in the water, drawing attention from those lunker bass. The special design of the 3” River Shad allows it to be worked easily in heavy cover such as vegetation, downed and standing timber. Rig it on a weightless or weighted swimbait hook depending on what portion of the water column you plan to fish! The 3” River Shad can be rigged for a number of different presentations! Deep Creek Lures’ floating 3” River Shad is an excellent tool to use when looking for schooling bass or as a search and locate bait when you are trying to find fish. The 3" River Shad is an excellent choice for use on the Alabama Rig and other multiple style umbrella rigged lures. The Deep Creek Lures’ floating River Shad comes in a wide variety of natural and bright colors, and can be used very productively in many different types of water conditions, presentation methods, and styles of fishing.

Quantity in Package: 10